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WEMO meter box

The ideal plastic meter box for single and multi-family houses, holiday homes, etc. In accordance with the regulations of the electricity companies, telephone and cable network operators.

Important information

House connection box or main fuse under fuse cover 

Whether you use a separate house connection box (VSE standard box) for the main fuses or mount the fuses directly under the cover (e.g. AEW, CKW, etc.), WEMO flex is available in every version.


Made of glass-fibre reinforced polyester with water-repellent profiles at the door edge, thus no rusting and no oxidation.

Thermal insulation

Thanks to the very low thermal conductivity of the glass fibre polyester of only 0.3 kcal/mh°, no additional box insulation is required (for comparison: wood 0.15, brick 0.5, aluminium 175 !).


Anodised aluminium, colourless with protective film. Door opening limiter and door stop prevent damage and allow undisturbed working. Adjustable door with door setting element. Larger boxes have 2 doors. Normally a common door above the "electrical section", TT compartment and TV compartment.


4-sided tongue lock with 6 mm mandrel, on request bar lock or preparation for Kaba or SEA.

Base rust

Made of extruded aluminium profiles, movable on two levels to accommodate all brands of house junction boxes, meter brackets, meter plates, etc.

DIN Profile 35mm

For snapping on fuse elements, clamps, automats etc. Installation of fuse elements on request.

Safety Covers

Made of 3 mm thermoplastic, mounted with captive screws, sealable, with the corresponding knock-outs. All box types with receiver space are provided with a lead-sealing cover for the control fuse.

Main fuse

Input side with additional cover against accidental contact (order separately).

Cable entry

Holes for cable entries can be drilled very easily and quickly with standard crown or twist drills.

Rain cover

Is additionally available and is mounted after moving the box by means of the supplied mounting strap.


WEMO flex complies with the VSE standard box regulations. However, it is also available in various widths and heights, adapted to the respective factory regulations.


To the uniform depth of 240 mm are available:

Interior widths from 500 mm to 1450 mm

Interior heights from 700 mm to 1700 mm

Apparatus fastening

Meters and ripple control receivers are mounted with meter brackets or plates. The house connection box (where the main fuses are not directly under the fuse cover) is mounted by means of a special bracket. This allows the house connection box to be placed on the left or right.

Wire guide plates

Wire guide plates for standard counters (also without counter plates) can be fitted on request.

Wemo flex

Located in the middle of the Beznau, Leibstadt and Gösgen nuclear power plants, as a manufacturer of components used to generate electricity in these plants, we are very familiar with the energy "electricity". However, we are also familiar with the requirements of the electricity companies and electrical installers and are therefore always able to adapt our façade boxes to the latest findings and regulations.


WEMO flex stands for flexible, and means that even after relocating the WEMO flex meter box, the house connection box can be mounted either on the right or left (or if you wish, in the middle) without any conversion. Of course, being as flexible as we are, we can supply you with the box in any desired design.


We are able to equip the boxes according to the regulations of all factories. For special designs, please call us.

Assembly note

If the specified wall recess is adhered to, the outwardly projecting edge neatly covers the recess (important with exposed masonry or exposed concrete). Subsequent foaming with installation foam has proved very successful.

Other own products

Sandwich panels

WEMO meter box

GRP / FCP repairs

Unfasten the box inside to counteract the pressure of the foam! Most types and sizes can be found in the internet catalog. But we are able to deliver a lot more designs.  Please give us a call .

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