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Hand laminate

Hand lay-up is the oldest process for the production of glass fibre reinforced plastics. A mould (wood, PU or GRP) is required and is cold-cured in the hand lay-up process. This process allows the parts to be produced in any wall thickness and geometry.  It is particularly suitable for individual pieces, prototypes and small series. Subsequent processing on CN milling centres achieves a high and reproducible accuracy.

Applicartion examples

  • Frontverkleidungen - Schienenfahrzeuge

  • Verschalungen - Medizinaltechnik

  • Schürzen - Schienenfahrzeuge

  • Isolationshülsen - Elektroindustrie

  • Fahrerpultaufsätze - Schienenfahrzeuge

  • Verschalungen und Hauben - Bauindustrie

  • Verkleidungen für Gondeln

  • Verkleidungen für Kommunalfahrzeuge

  • Möbelindustrie

  • ​​... und vieles mehr​


  • Production of small to very large fibre reinforced moulded parts

  • Low moulding costs

  • High gloss and good weather resistance

  • Specific inserts or threaded inserts possible

  • Low flammability e.g. EN 45 5 45 HL 3

  • Very good chemical and UV resistance

Further procedures

  • RIM / RTM / RTM light

  • Hand laminate

  • Wet pressing

  • PUR - low pressure casting

  • Carbon fibres / Carbon

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