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For the future

Thanks to its outstanding properties, the future belongs to the construction material ecologically, economically and in terms of its almost unlimited usability.


  • High mechanical strength with low weight

  • Dimensional stability even under temperature stress

  • High impact strength

  • Resistance to chemicals and weathering

  • Good electrical properties

  • Adjustable fire protection (low flammability) without halogens

  • Integration possibilities and design freedom

Hand laminate

Hand laminate is the oldest process for the production of glass fibre reinforced plastics.

Frontverkleidung - Schienenfahrzeug

RTM Resin Transfer Molding

(Resin Injection Molding / Resin Transfer Molding) - RIM and RTM are used to produce large-area, glass-fibre reinforced polyester parts (mostly in sandwich construction).

Röntgenliege - Medizinaltechnik
Zwei Teile aus Polyurethan

Polyurethane-Low pressure casting

If the unit price in the hand laminate is too high or the tooling costs at SMC are too expensive, PUR low-pressure casting offers itself as an intermediate solution.

Wet molding

For the production of wet molded parts, 2-part molds, stamps and die, as well as a press with the corresponding pressing pressure are necessary.

Hüftpolster X Ray - Medizinaltechnik
Medizinaltechniches Gerät

Carbon fibres / Carbon

Parts made of CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced plastics) can be manufactured using various processes.

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