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Carbon fibres / Carbon

Parts made of CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced plastics) can be manufactured using various processes: Injection process, hand laminate, infusion process and wet molding. Due to their low weight and high strength, carbon fibres beat steel and aluminium hands down.

Application examples

Shuttering - Medical technology

X-ray couches - Medical technology

Shuttering carbon - rail vehicles

Wind turbine carbon - apparatus engineering

Shuttering X-ray equipment - apparatus engineering


...and much more


  • Depending on the process, smooth surfaces on both sides 

  • Surface lacquering possible 

  • Very high rigidity 

  • Low weight 

  • X-ray transparency X-Ray

Further procedures

  • RIM / RTM / RTM light

  • Hand laminate

  • Wet pressing

  • PUR - low pressure casting

  • Carbon fibres / Carbon

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