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The breakthrough in composite material technology: carbon fiber reinforced plastics (carbon)

Carbon Fibre

In today's world of materials engineering, the boundaries of what is possible are constantly being pushed. At aXpel composites we are committed to pushing these boundaries further and further, particularly through our work with carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP).

CFRPs are composite materials created by combining carbon fibers with a polymer matrix material. The result of this combination is a material with impressive properties.

1. Incredible strength and rigidity

Carbon fibers are characterized by their high tensile strength and rigidity. When embedded in the plastic matrix, the overall strength and stiffness of the final material increases significantly. This makes carbon perfect for demanding applications such as aerospace and automotive.

2. Lightness

Despite their high strength, CFRPs are surprisingly light. This is due to the low specific weight of the carbon fibers. The result is a material that offers the strength of metal but weighs significantly less, resulting in improved energy efficiency in many applications.

3. Formability and freedom of design

With carbon you can let off steam in terms of design. With the injection molding process that we use at aXpel composites, we can produce CFRPs in almost any desired shape. This opens up new possibilities in the design and production of components.

4. Durability

CFRPs are extremely durable. They are corrosion resistant, weather resistant and withstand many chemical attack making them an excellent material for long lasting applications.

At aXpel composites we recognize the tremendous potential of CFRPs and are excited to be at the forefront of this innovative development. With their combination of strength, lightness and versatility, CFRPs could be the key to designing the next generation of products and technologies.

Your aXpel composites team

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